Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Takes Off Tomorrow

In less than 12 hours (at 6:05 am to be exact), Jamie will be two and I'm a little shocked at how fast we've gotten here.  I'm also a little shocked at being shocked in the first place.  There were so many times during his first year that I thought I was never going to make it.

His first three months stand out as a shining example of suck, for instance.

Two years later he's big, he's boisterous, he's mischievous, he's evil, he's rowdy, he's adorable, and he's loved to pieces by all of us.  He's exceptionally gifted at trying the outer limits of my patience one moment and then being ridiculously adorable (complete with a twinkle in his eye) the next.  He's a true redhead with all that implies.

We've said goodbye to so many of the trappings of babyhood - pacifiers, bottles, nursing, baby gates (yes, he's safe on the stairs) - and we're firmly in toddler territory now.  Soon, he'll be getting a new bed and we'll say goodbye to the crib - a piece of furniture that has nurtured the beginnings of not just our children but the children of two other families as well.  His babyhood is gone and, honestly, I don't miss it.  I soaked up as much of it as possible while we were in it.  I did my best to stop and make memories of the special moments.  Now we're headed into the territory where we get to have fun more fun with him.

Thanks for being you, kiddo.

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