Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Did It

At the beginning of March I set myself a task.  I didn't really tell anyone I was taking on this task.  I didn't make a formal announcement and I didn't promote it.

I decided that I was finally going to buckle down and attempt to blog every single day for an entire month.

If you look to the left and notice the number of posts for March you'll see that they total 31 - one for each day of the month.  Some were short, others were lengthy, all of them had some kind of story to tell.  They weren't all polished gems and that's OK with me.  The point was to sit down and do it - find the discipline to write every day.  After all, as they say, if you want to write you have to write every day.

The exercise taught me something about writing and making writing interesting every day.  It also taught me to look for those moments in my day to day life that I would consider blog-worthy.  I learned a few things about taking simple subjects and wrapping them up in words to make them interesting - if only to me (because, really, there can't be more than 6 of you reading this).  I looked for more subject matter than just the kids.  I often had potential blog posts knocking around in my brain as I went about my day.

I don't know how successful an exercise it was for those of you that read all of this but from an internal point of view it revitalized blogging for me in some ways.  Before, if I put blogging off for one day, I could put blogging off for 5 days unless I was really in the mood to say something.  I held a gold medal in procrastination.  During March, instead of saying "oh, I'll get to it later" or "I can't think of anything right now, another time," I actively made it a priority to find and write about something interesting to me.  I hesitate to say "Blogging is fun again!" but certainly blogging is much less of a chore.

So here ends March and I have no idea whether I'll keep up all this copious blogging.  At the very least, I hope to take the lesson of looking for the blog-worthy moment with me as I go forward.

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