Thursday, March 24, 2011

His Love Affair Continues Apace

Jamie's love of the vacuum cleaner is unabashed and unabated.  We were at the mall recently, in a housewares department, and he gravitated towards the vacuum section like it was the singing Sirens out of mythology.

This one is just like yours, Mommy!

And then he discovered an Electrolux canister vac with orange accents on it and he was IN. LOVE.

He threw an unholy fit when I wrestled him back into the stroller and insisted on leaving the store.  A bit later in the trip, I was wandering around with the kids outside the Apple store while Scot had his suddenly dead laptop looked at.  Jamie took me by the hand and did his very best to lead me straight back to the vacuum section.

He was sure he was going the right way.  As we approached the entrance to a department store he looked more closely at what was in the store and got upset because it wasn't the right store OR the right department.  There are supposed to be vacuums here, Mom!  Not clothes!  He really, really wanted to find that Electrolux again.  And possibly convince me that it was the greatest toy in the world and bring it home for him.

I don't really understand what he finds so fascinating about a vacuum but I kind of hope that he never loses that fascination.  A few more years and I'll have a live-in maid with this one in the house.  At least as far as having clean carpets goes.

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