Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bed Adjustments

Suddenly Jamie isn't a baby anymore.

On Friday we tried out his new bed at nap time.  It was a little bit rough right at first and I had let him do some crying.  He didn't really want to lay down or let me tuck him in but I figured that he had to at least try to go to bed there.  If it didn't work out, I could always put him back in the crib.

He whined and moaned and groaned for bit and then fell asleep and took a two hour nap.

That night he pulled the same thing.  He wasn't really sure he was OK with this big old bed sitting on the floor.  I did my best to tuck him in but I still had to walk out and let him moan and groan and whine.  It didn't seem to last as long as it had at nap time.

Then he went to sleep and slept all night - the best night of sleep he's had in almost a month.

The angels sang Glorias in his honor.

Yesterday, I put him down for nap and he let me tuck him in under his blankets and make sure he had his blankie and George.  Then I kissed him and walked out.  He went to sleep without a single peep.  He  has repeated this performance at both bedtime last night and nap time today.  He seems to have made the adjustment.

Now, when he wakes up, he points imperiously at the crib as if to say "Why the hell is that still in my room, Mom?!"  I'll give him a week or so and if he's still happy where he is, I'll break down the crib and store it away.

He's a big boy now.

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