Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday In The Park

Today was a perfect day.

I don't get to say that very often.  There are lots of very good reasons why that's true so I'm not upset that the bad days outnumber the good but I really cherish the good days when they come.  A perfect day?  Unheard of.

To start the morning off, the kids slept in.  Jamie woke up at 7:30 and Liam didn't come downstairs until almost 8 am.  When I'm used to being up no later than 6:30, this was like sleeping in until noon.  Scot got up a bit later and he took the boys on a run for Starbucks and Loafer's cinnamon bread.  (French Toast for breakfast tomorrow!)

We puttered around the house for most of the morning and I ran out to return the kids' library books.  It was gorgeous out.  Summer days like today are very rare.  Perfect temperature.  Little to no humidity.  A wonderful breeze and perfect blue skies.  I came home knowing that we had to get outside with the kids today.  It was too pretty a day to waste.

We settled on taking the kids to Hartwood Acres for a picnic.  We packed up food, some toys, and portable music and headed out for some family fun.

We lounged and ate:

Jamie decided that he would have a cup o' "joe":

There were light saber fights:

and noogies:

We blew bubbles:

and played ball:

There were smiles and fun all around:

After we left the park, we came home and Jamie and I napped while Scot and Liam watched some Star Wars.  When Jamie got up, I set to work getting dinner made and we managed to sit down to a meal together - a meal in which we all. ate. the. same. thing.  With Mr. Pickypants (aka Liam) in the house, I'm almost always preparing more than one meal.

The kids played until bedtime and then it was off to bath and bedtime routines.  They both went to bed without trouble and Scot and I were left with some time to ourselves.

It's been the best day of the summer so far and I don't want to forget a single moment of it.

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