Sunday, March 20, 2011


Back at the start of the year I said that if I had one resolution for 2011 it was to have more perfect days.  I knew they wouldn't just materialize out of thin air and today we finally made a start on that promise.  Today might not have set the bar for how well things can go but it was still a good day.

In the morning, Scot took the boys out to Dunkin' Donuts for a breakfast treat, leaving me at home in sweet silence for about 40 minutes.  And that was my morning treat right there.  Once they came home we spent the rest of the morning hanging out here at home until it was lunch time and then nap time for Jamie.

While Jamie was napping, Scot and Liam watched Return of the Jedi and I got a shower.  Ahhh!  Showering without short people demanding things of me!  Heaven!  After I got myself cleaned up and put together, I ran out to take care of a quick errand and by the time I came home Jamie was stirring.

Once he was up and awake and dressed and ready, we all headed out to the park.  It's a lovely sunny day here with temps in the upper 50's.  It was perfect weather for letting the kids run out their beans on the play equipment.

Did someone say park?  Let's GO!

Run? Don't mind if I do!

Look at how much fun the big slide is!

Dude.  Swing.  'Nuff said.

More love for the big slides

Since everyone was hungry, we grabbed a quick dinner at Burger King on our way home.  Not the best dinner for anyone but I will admit that it's nice to have a meal in which I don't fight with Liam about what he will and will not eat.

Now, Liam is outside playing and Jamie is watching his beloved WALL-E while playing in the family room.

It wasn't all perfect.  We still dealt with 2 year old meltdowns over issues that made sense only to him and there was the incident with Liam over the Burger King toys.  Inevitably there will be attitude during bedtime routine.  Today I'm choosing to focus on all the good things that happened and all the stuff we did as a family.  It might not have been everything I would have wished for but it was a damn good start.


  1. Your little red-head boy slays me. They are both adorable, but I have a soft spot for redheads!

  2. Aww! Thanks! He certainly knows how to use his cuteness to his advantage. :)