Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nine Years On

Nine years ago today I married Scot.

It was a lovely fall day, that day - sunny and just warm enough but still with that crisp fall scent to the air.  I remember thinking that it was the perfect weather and just what I'd hoped for when we planned an October wedding.

The day went by in such a blur - getting my hair and makeup done, going to the church, getting dressed, taking picture after picture after picture, making sure all the arrangements were running as planned (they weren't) and fixing snags as they arose (we did).  Despite the blurriness of some parts of the day, I remember other things quite clearly.

I remember my cousins arriving just before the ceremony started and being so shocked and excited to see both of them when I'd been told only one would be able to make it.

I remember walking down the aisle with my father, holding tightly to his hand as I cried in joy and nervousness.

I remember reaching Scot at the altar and hearing him say "Hi, Gorgeous."  I remember my tears disappearing along with all my nerves.

I remember saying our vows to each other and I remember quoting The Princess Bride under my breath - "Have you the wings?"

I remember dancing together at the reception and I remember feeling like I didn't have time to see everyone for as long as I wanted to.

I remember how beautiful our cake was and how it tasted even better than it looked.

I remember being so happy and relieved that the stress of a wedding was over and now our marriage could begin.

Nine years later I remember all these things but most of all I remember how much I love Scot.  He's an incredible father to our children who adore him in return.  He is my partner in all things.  We haven't always had the easiest road to travel but the truth is that no one does because life is never easy.  What is important is not that we might have gone through difficulty but that we weathered it together. 

I love you, Scot, and I am grateful for all the love and support you so freely give.  I would not be who I am without you in my life and I know I am better for being married to you.  Happy Anniversary.


  1. Bitsy Pookums and Snoogie Woogie still look adorable after all these years. :D Congrats you guys!

  2. Snoogie Woogie's second attempt to leave a comment, grr. I love you too, gorgeous. :-) Muchas smooches now and always.