Tuesday, March 22, 2011


1.  We had an appointment for Liam with the ophthalmologist today to check his vision.  He was looked at about 2 years ago and he didn't need glasses then but we were told he would likely need them sooner rather than later.  A week or two ago he told me that sometimes his vision gets blurry so I called the eye doc and set up an appointment.

Good news!  No change in his eyesight and no glasses.  Unless he complains earlier, we don't need to have him checked again until late 3rd grade.

2.  For my birthday, my parents have chosen to gift me with a plane ticket to go spend a weekend with best friend.  I am so excited about this I could plotz.  The weekend I've been dreaming about (a weekend away from the fam) is becoming a reality and I get to see Trista to boot!  Good friends!  Tasty food!  Sleeping in!

Cannot.  Wait.

3.  Jamie starts speech therapy tomorrow.  It's only the first appointment so it will be mostly paperwork and assessment.  The real work doesn't start until our next appointment but I am eager to get the process moving.  Anything to make the kid stop slapping himself in the head when he's frustrated and mad.

However, in the last couple of days he said "bubbles," "button," and "hello!"  None of these words help us in day to day life (you couldn't learn to say "milk," kid?!) but a start is a start.

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