Friday, March 4, 2011

In Celebration of Two

Two is upon us.

It's not really any different that it was yesterday since he's been acting Two for months, but it is now official.  We celebrated with as much style as we could manage with a two year old.  I spent the day trying desperately to keep the evil from spilling out all over the place so the house would still be clean when it came time for the party.  Evil can leave a nasty stain, you know.

Evil leaked out anyway.

I planned a dinner with Scot's parents and made roast chicken, roasted potatoes, broccoli, salad, and stuffing.  Certainly more of a feast than we're used to.  I also make Unspeakably Good Chocolate Cake for dessert.

Don't laugh at me, I know it looks like it belongs on Cake Wrecks.

When it came time for presents it took a bit of coaxing to get Jamie interested. Eventually we got him to open one of his gifts from Scot and me - a ride-on firetruck.

We very nearly didn't get him off of it again.

It was a big hit.  He loved the darn thing and we won't speak of the tantrum he threw when it was bath time and he found out that he couldn't take it upstairs with him.  He was also less than pleased to learn that, after submitting to his bath, he would not be allowed to return to his beloved firetruck.  Bedtime was interesting. Ahem.

He also got books, clothes, toys, more toys, and money to put toward his new big boy bed.  We had to unwrap most of his gifts for him because guess where he was? Yup, tooling around on the firetruck.

An Incrediblock?!  You shouldn't have!

Then it was time for singing and cake.  This year, he seemed totally into the cake thing - actually eating it, that is, not just smashing it.

Please note that his entire hunk of cake is hanging off that fork.


Happy Birthday, Jamie!  You are the Captain Kirk to your brother's Captain Picard. We love you very much and we're so glad you're here.


  1. Becca says, "Happy Birthday, Jamie. Boy that cake looks good, wish we were there."

  2. Happy Birthday, little Squishy guy. Go get your mom a hot toddy.