Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a very busy but good Thanksgiving this year.  This year's festivities began on Wednesday when we attended Liam's Thanksgiving puppet show that was put on by the kindergartners.  They did a really fabulous job and it was super cute.  Liam played a pilgrim using his Jamie The Pilgrim puppet and every time he had to do his part, it looked like his pilgrim was doing a hip hop dance routine.  We were giggling insanely.  It was awesome.

Since Jamie was at daycare that day, we took Liam out to lunch to celebrate and then came home and had a lazy afternoon.  Although I should have been cleaning, I spent most of the afternoon taking a nap.  Sometimes being lazy is the most wonderful thing ever.  Sleep rocks.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we spent the day with Scot's family (Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-law, Niece) and his Mom made a really wonderful dinner.  It was a lovely day.  Jamie was pretty fractious that day for reasons I'm still not sure of, but we made it through.  We invited people up to our house the next day, mostly so that the cousins could have a romp.

Friday morning I got up and did all the cleaning I should have done on Wednesday (oh look!  The cleaning found me!) and just as I was vacuuming the family room everyone arrived.  I escaped upstairs to get acquainted with the shower and some clean clothes.  We spent the day hanging out here while the kids played.  Liam and his cousin were playing tackle games that, while giggle-worthy, were almost on the inappropriate side of things - good thing the kids are only 4 and 5 years old.

Scot's Aunt came and joined us at our house for most of the day and it was wonderful to see her.  It's been quite awhile since we've seen her and she's always fun to have around.  That evening we all trooped off to dinner together and had a lovely time.

We made plans to take the older kids to see Tangled on Saturday so Scot stayed home with Jamie while Liam and I went off to meet everyone else.  We had lunch before hand and then headed to the show.  I bought everyone's tickets ahead of time and I'm glad I did so because the show was sold out.  We were lucky enough to get to the theater early and get great seats.  I liked the movie and thought it was a fun telling of the tale with fun songs.  Liam thought it was OK and a little scary in parts.  Towards the end he leaned over to me and said "I don't think we need to get this one on DVD, Mommy."

After the movie the kids got a ride on the carousel at the Mall while I stood around watching people at the food court.  I got to watch a big dude with a tiny little dog walk his dog INTO THE MALL and then allow it to POOP IN THE FOOD COURT.  He kept trying to pull it along to keep it from pooping and all he got for his trouble were poo balls all over the mall floor.  I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it.

I invited everyone up to our house in the evening for a fire and s'mores and we parted ways with that being the plan.  We had a few hours of quiet at home, got some supper and all that, and then everyone showed up again and I broke out the toasting forks and marshmallows.  It was nice to just sit quietly by the fire and take it easy.

I got to bed late last night but, in a miracle of gargantuan proportion, the kids slept in today and I didn't have to get up until 7:45.  I have spent most of the morning with my butt parked in a chair while the kids run around.  There is no rush.  There is no place to be.  There is nothing so urgent that it can't wait a little bit.  It's sheer and utter bliss and I'm enjoying it.  [raising coffee mug] Here's to a Sunday Morning Laze!

As always, at this time of year, we spend time giving thanks for all our blessings and while I'm thankful for all the usual things (friends, family, health, wealth, love, and life) I have two things in particular for which I'm thankful this year.  The first is the continuing good health of my friend's baby post-transplant.  She seems to be doing quite well and I'm so pleased that they are beginning to be able to find a new normal.  The second thing I'm thankful for is the news that after 4 years of waiting, a couple who we are close friends with have learned they've been matched with their adoptive daughter.  They've waited long and patiently and I'm so happy for them that they are finally getting to expand their family.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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