Monday, November 15, 2010

The Holiday Craze Is Almost Upon Us

This week I say good bye to normality until January.  Yes, I hear you back there in the peanut gallery asking me when I ever was normal.  Good point.

Anyway, this week we have Open House at school - for which I have to bake - and that means changing our TKD schedule since it falls on a night we'd normally be at the dojang.  I'm going to be madly trying to really keep on top of the house because next week my sister-in-law and her family will be in town for Thanksgiving.  They're not staying with us but if they come over, I'd like the house not to be a complete pit.

Next week, there's no school at the end of the week for either of the kids and on Wednesday the kindergarten is putting on a Thanksgiving puppet show in the morning.  That means that Liam will have to get ready for school in the morning instead of going in the afternoon - a complete change in the normal schedule.  He's already expressed difficulty with the constant change of routine lately (the school schedule this month is beyond ridiculous) so we're going to have to navigate these waters as carefully as possible.  Liam does best when he has routines and schedules he can count on being the same from day to day and this time of year generally messes with that.

After Thanksgiving, the Christmas insanity starts in earnest.  I have baking, decorating, cleaning (more than usual), shopping, wrapping, and hosting to do.  The good news is that we have almost totally completed our Christmas shopping.  We have a couple of people left on the list to finish and it would probably be good if I shopped for Scot but otherwise, we're sitting pretty on that score.

[taking a deep breath]

[diving into the next 6 weeks in 3. . . 2 . . . 1]

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