Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Open House

And the school commitments just keep rolling along...

Last night was Open House.  Liam was super, super excited to go and show us all around.  I thought the poor kid was going to vibrate right through the walls.  The truth is that we probably could have been in and out in about 15 minutes flat.  I was a little shocked at how little there was for us to do.  I have no recollection of open houses when I was a kid.

Anyway, I knew going into the evening that Liam had made a pilgrim and an Indian to hang in the hallway outside of his classroom.  His teacher told me that he had decorated his pilgrim to look like Jamie and named him "Jamie the Pilgrim."  All together now, "awwwwwwwwww!"  I had to get pictures.

Some thoughts:
1) Yep, he got the red hair right - I think it was the only redheaded pilgrim in the bunch.
2) The pig-like nose is hilarious to me.  He insists on drawing all noses that way and it's particularly appropriate for what a porker Jamie is.
3) When Scot heard it had been decorated "just like" Jamie, his comment was "What?  With devil horns and everything?"  HA!

His Indian is sporting the same pig nose.

Last, they had a project they had done about what they were thankful for.  I would have expected something to see something like "Star Wars" or "Lego Star Wars" or "Star Wars books."  I was wrong.

Good to know, kiddo.  I'll hold off on turning her out of the house for peeing in your room.

After we toured his classroom we went to check out the snack table.  Liam stood there telling everyone "My Mom baked THOSE ONES [point, point] and they're really good!"  Scot said we should have made him a name tag that said "Liam, Pastry Pimper."  Maybe I've managed to regain my Cari Crocker title.

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