Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm Calling This A Time Change Miracle

If you know me or have read this blog, you know I hate time change.  If you're new around these parts, let me 'splain:  I hate time change.  No, actually I despise it.

When I went to bed last night I was dreading what the morning would bring.  Not only were we gaining an hour of sleep - meaning the kids would be hitting the floor at the very butt crack of dawn - but Jamie went to bed by 6:30 pm because he was melting down from being tired and worn out.  He's fighting a slight cold and he played at Grandma's for most of the day yesterday so he was practically begging to go to bed by then.  However, with a bedtime that early on time change night I was fearing the worst.

We told Liam before he went to bed that there was extra time to sleep last night and that if he woke up before the rest of us he should play in his room quietly until we got up.  I wasn't holding out a lot of hope, but it was worth a shot.  Usually when we ask him to do this, I get asked "Mommy, is it morning yet?" two or three times before I finally give up and get out of bed.

In a happy twist of fate, THE CHILDREN SLEPT IN.  Jamie didn't wake up until 7:15 am.  That's 8:15, by the old time.  He never sleeps in that late and certainly not on nights that he's gone to bed early.  That means the kid got almost 13 hours of sleep last night.  Straight.  He never woke up overnight.  When I got up with Jamie, Liam came out of his room fully dressed - right down to his socks.  He was up a bit earlier than the rest of us (I heard him hit the bathroom) but he did exactly as we asked and played quietly until we got up.

I hope to God this doesn't bite us in the butt with a crappy night of sleep tonight because this was perhaps the most awesome fall time change I've been through since the arrival of Liam.

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