Sunday, May 1, 2011


That would be me.  I managed to blog every day last month and this month is the very definition of scattershot.

It's not that I don't want to write posts.  I have at least 3 or 4 rattling around in my head but it has been BUSY the last couple of weeks.  We've had doctors appointments and illness and speech therapy plus all of our regular commitments.  At the end of the day, more often than not, I space out and don't write.  During the day, I have things to do and when I don't have things to do, I'm trying to enjoy being with the family.

So yeah, the blog has been coming last on my list of priorities - right behind laundry.  Since I'm finally tackling that mountainous pile, it's time to do something here.

On the subject of illness, the upper respiratory virus that's running through our household is a doozy.  First Scot came down with a sinus infection that left him in bed for 3 days.  Almost simultaneously, Jamie started with a fever.  Two days later we took him to the pediatrician and got the double ear infection diagnosis.  So, 2 out of the 4 of us are on antibiotics for what is likely the same virus.  Scot finished his up yesterday and went the ER to beg more medication because after 2 weeks this infection is still hanging on.  Jamie's fever broke within a day or so after starting his Omnicef but he's still coughing a bit and congested.  Tomorrow is his last day of antibiotics.  I'm going to have to keep an eagle eye on him for the next week because he's supposed to have his tubes put in a week from tomorrow.

In the meantime, Liam has started to get congested and is developing a cough.  And me?  Ear pain to start and now chest congestion and a cough.  I don't have time for this mess.

As far as speech therapy goes, we had our first working session on Friday.  She did all of her paperwork as quickly as possible and was able to work with Jamie for about 15 min before the end of the session.  To the outside observer, all she did was play with him but I can see the strategies she's employing to improve his speech.  There's a lot of repetition involved.  She also rewards him for using language by continuing the play activity with him.  For example, they were blowing bubbles and every time he used the word "bubble" he got more bubbles to play with.  She comes again tomorrow morning, bright and early for a full length session.

My 35th birthday was also on Friday.  It was a low key day after we got done with speech therapy and I enjoyed that.  Since I had cleaned up before the therapist got here, I was able to sit on my butt while Jamie napped FOR THREE HOURS that afternoon.  (Best. Gift. Ever.)  We went to dinner that night with the kids and my in-laws.  Again, very low key but also very enjoyable.  My mother-in-law baked me a cake since I didn't have time to do it for myself and it was delicious.  I got a few small gifts (but the real gift was the camera I got last month) and lots of hugs and kisses and "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" from the kids.

Today I need to clean but I am not feeling excited about it, mostly because I feel like crap.

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