Monday, May 23, 2011

San Antonio Memories

I have more pictures from my trip that I wanted to share but I decided to contain them to a separate post rather than overwhelm the previous one.

Somewhere over the midwest.  The clouds looked like snow to me.

Dallas from the air.

Coonskin cap at the Alamo.

Fish in the canal at the Alamo.  They were as long as my arm.

Part of a giant oak tree at the Alamo.  It's grown around the pole propping it up.

Rest of the giant oak tree.

Cactus flower at the Alamo.

These next several pictures are all from the Riverwalk.  Despite it being a tourist destination, it was very pretty, shady, and restful to walk along.

 Poorly composed but I could totally see Carl and Ellie Fredrickson taking a rest here.

The river entrance of the Art Institute.  "Ars longa vita brevis."

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