Friday, May 20, 2011

Challenge Accepted

Oh what a difference a week makes.

Last week the planets aligned, the angels sang choruses, the Lords of Kobol looked down upon me with smiles, and I escaped rainy Pittsburgh for sunny Texas.  I proceeded to have a fabulous time.

The planets, the angels, and the Lords of Kobol (those farggin' sneaky bastiches) had a meeting while I was gone and decided that I was going to have to pay for their magnanimity.  "You want a vacation?  Fine.  But you're going have one hell of a week when you get back, sister.  Enjoy!"

This week has been something of a challenge.  Play dates went awry when we suddenly lost power for several hours due to a thunderstorm.  Parent-Teacher Conferences were hectic and fraught with last minute childcare plans.  Jamie spent most of the week feeling like something he normally fills his diapers with.  I had to pick him up early from daycare on Tuesday because he was running a fever.  This fever, though low grade, held on all week and prevented him from going to daycare on Thursday.

Last night, I saw every hour of the night save for the 2 o'clock hour.  Jamie couldn't and wouldn't sleep for beans (or any other enticement, including begging) because he was feeling liked a filled diaper.  Today has been somewhat of a challenge with the sleep deprivation and all.

I did take Jamie to the doctor today and he has nothing that they can treat - it's likely a virus of some kind - so they sent us home to wait and watch.  I had mixed feelings about this only because I really don't want a repeat of last night.  But useless antibiotics won't change that so we wait and watch.

He did not take a good nap this afternoon.  He didn't eat a great dinner.  We had to hypnotize the raging toddler with Phineas and Ferb.

He was cranky right up until bath time.

I took his temperature right before bath.  Guess who was spot on normal?  That would be Jamie.  As if this news was just the moment he'd been waiting for, he turned into happy toddler.  He played in the tub and had a good bath.  He giggled and giggled and played and chased his brother during the rest of bedtime routine.  He was happy reading a book with me before bed.  He was feeling fit as a fiddle.

Just in time to go to bed.

He's in there now, talking to himself and, without doubt, cuddling with his board books.

The planets, chorus singing angels, and the Lords of Kobol have taught me my lesson.  Don't go out of town unless you're prepared to pay the price.

This week was hard, but getting away was still worth it.

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