Monday, May 9, 2011

Achievement Unlocked: Ear Tubes

Short version (because I am EXHAUSTED): The tubes are in, he did OK with everything despite some extended crankiness in post-op, and he now has rivers of gross coming out of his ears.  We are to use antibiotic ear drops twice a day for the next several days to bomb that infection back to the stone age.  He was not quite the rock star his brother was when it came to this procedure but he weathered it fine.

I am knackered.

And, despite refusing to take any afternoon nap at all, so is he.

Daddy brought me get well toys and all I could do was fall asleep with them.

Tomorrow it's back to regular schedule - he has daycare so I have time to clean - and the rest of the week promises to be hectic as I gear up to head off to Texas on Friday.  I'm hoping that he wakes up happy tomorrow and back to his usual self.

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