Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Aboard The Tubes Train

This morning I took Jamie to the ENT for a consult on the ear tubes issue.  Between the infection he was diagnosed with on Easter weekend and his significant speech delay, it was time to pursue this course.  Luckily, we loved the doctor who did Liam's ear tubes so we just called the practice and made an appointment for Jamie.

It turns out Jamie is pretty much exactly the same as Liam was - gunky ears even with anti-biotics.  The doctor stuck a scope in Jamie's ear and immediately said "Yup.  He needs tubes."

On Monday, May 9th, Jamie will get his tubes installed.  It will probably be a very early morning procedure that will have us home by mid-morning at the latest.  This is good since he has to be NPO (nothing by mouth from midnight the night before) for the procedure.  The earlier we get it done, the less pissy he will be about it.

This is also good news as far as his speech is concerned.  Getting tubes will likely speed up the process of therapy and let him make the very most of what the therapists can do for him.  It is more than a little bit likely that the constant fluid on his ears is a factor in the delay of his speech.

So, now I have something else to add to the list when it comes to the kinds of babies I make:  hairy, reflux-y, ear-tubed boys.

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