Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Official

Liam can read.

Today he brought some Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems into school to share with his class.  While we were waiting in the drop off line, he pulled out I Broke My Trunk! and began to read it to me.


It seems as thought things are suddenly clicking with him and he's figured out this whole reading thing.  I could tell it was coming.  I've caught him sounding out the words on signs as we drive around.  At night, he reads with us most of the time instead of us reading to him.  But it didn't seem like it was a fully realized ability yet and much of what he read seemed memorized, at least to me.

When he pulled out that book and started reading I thought it was memorization again.  But it wasn't.  He was clearly taking the time to figure out the words as he went along.  I heard him sound out the ones he didn't know.  He looked to the pictures for clues when he got stumped.  When I came home, I asked Scot if they had read that one at bedtime recently.  They haven't.

We have a fully fledged reader in the house now.  So when can we start with the Harry Potter?


  1. Forget Harry Potter. Philip Pullman.

  2. Whooohooo, Liam! Man, how my life (and our visits to restaurants) improved once Olivia could read to herself.

  3. I find it so interesting how it just clicks like that. Way to go Liam. If he's anything like Sami (on the good side, I mean!!), he'll practice all summer and by fall he'll be lightyears ahead of where he is now. Sami jumped from the D basket level in Kindergarten (and the D was pushing it sometimes)to the I basket level in 1st grade. She now reads chapter books to herself even. It's so cool to see the enthusiasm as they realize the world out there that they can learn about. Congrats! Now to get the J-man to speak, which I am sure won't take all that long. :)