Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Week Kicked My Butt

What a long, crappy week it was.

I started out by not losing a single ounce on my Monday weigh in and that somehow set the tone for the week.

On Wednesday evening, Scot tripped over a toy while trying to make the dog go out and landed on the wrist he had surgery on just 8 weeks ago.  It's a long, disgusting story but the shortest way I can put it is that he fell and injured it 2 years ago, had surgery to repair a ligament tear just before I had Jamie, and proceeded to have 2 years worth of problems with it.  He finally found a good reconstructive surgeon and had a procedure to fix the damn thing (as much as it can be) in February.

And then he fell on it.

We rushed off the ER and had it looked out.  He wrenched his back but nothing was broken.  As for the wrist, we won't know for sure about what's happening with it until he sees his surgeon again since they can't see soft tissue injury on x-ray.

On Thursday I very convincingly played the part of a chipmunk on meth.  I had cleaning to do at the house because the speech therapists were scheduled to be here at 9 am on Friday, Jamie had daycare, Liam had school, and I had an appointment for a haircut.  Into this day already full of obligations, we had find time to get Scot to his GP as a follow up to the ER visit.  He couldn't drive himself because the pain meds made him dopey so I was doing it.  Which meant I ping-ponged around the North Hills trying to make sure he got to the doc, someone could watch Liam, and we all got home in time for lunch and school.  Scot's doctor running WAY late didn't help things.

I managed to get Liam off to school and headed over to Shadyside for my haircut.  Since it's been a year and a half since I cut my hair, it took awhile so I was racing to get back in time for Liam to get off the school bus.  I managed to make it, then we had to get Jamie at daycare, get dinner, and head off to TKD with Liam.

My day was eaten alive by all of the crazy running around and I hadn't even begun to touch the house chores.  So, after the kids went to bed, I went into frenetic cleaning mode and managed to make the downstairs presentable for Friday morning.

On Friday the speech therapy team came in to evaluate Jamie.  Guess what?  His development is above average everywhere except Expressive Language.  Big shock.  There were a couple of areas where he scored literally off their charts - one was the expressive language but being off the chart wasn't a good thing.  They said that he's spent so much time developing these other things that he's let the language lag behind.  So, he easily qualifies for services and we'll be seeing the therapist once a week.  That should be starting up in about 2 weeks.  All of this was precisely what I expected them to say.

As of 3:15 yesterday afternoon, Liam is on Spring Break.  He will be home all week next week and won't go back until Tuesday of the week after as they get Easter Monday off.  It should be an interesting week.  I expect him to get bored within 30 seconds of realizing what a long week it's going to be.

I wanted to collapse at 7 pm last night but didn't give in.  By 10 pm I was wide awake.  Ended up sleeping on the couch by 11 pm and was woken by Jamie at 6 am.  *yawn*  Pass the coffee IV.

Bright spots of the week include:

1) I managed to get some kind of exercise activity in every day.  Everything from housework to yard work to running stairs.  Have I mentioned exercise sucks?

2) I got my haircut and I have a sassy new do.  Plus, all those dry, nasty, dead ends are gone.

3) I finally figured out how to get into the stupid lamp post out front with the dead light bulb in it.  I was able to change the bulb and now our front walk is capable of being lit.  That only took 2 years.  It's the little things.

4) We got definitive proof that Liam can read.

Dear Next Week:  Please don't kick my bruised behind the way this one did.

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