Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Have A Dress

This dress is a fantastic little day dress.

This dress could have walked right off the set of Mad Men.

This dress is a dress I have coveted for months yet not succumbed to its charms.

This dress is now mine.

It was out of stock for weeks.  I considered this a good thing because otherwise I would have just spent the money on it.  Then, I found out it was available again.  There was one left.  It was in my size.  I couldn't walk away.  I bought it.

It arrived today and it's just as awesome in person.  However, that size? Wrong.  It's too small.  Oh, I could probably squeeze into it but I wouldn't be able to sit down or eat or breathe and I'd look completely ridiculous.

But it's OK.  Now, I have a concrete goal: I want to wear that dress.  No, I want to ROCK that dress.  It will take work.  But if I lose some weight (not even everything I need to lose) I will be able to wear that dress and wear it well.

So the next time the donuts are calling my name?  I'll think of the dress.  The next time I'd rather stuff my face with Cheez-its?  I'll think of the dress.

Then, I'll make a different choice - a better choice - and take another step on the path to wearing that dress.  The dress doesn't fit now but it will one day in the very near future.


  1. That is one damn fine dress. :D You can do it! :)

  2. Love. It.

    You will look great in it. :)

  3. Perfect color for a gorgeous, ivory-skinned redhead. And that skirt--get your twirl on!

  4. Love the dress & LOVE Modcloth. I've bought from them before and I always find that their sizes are on the small size. You'll look great in it and it's great to have a fun goal like that!


  5. That dress is pure awesome, and you will look fabulous in it.