Monday, April 18, 2011

Diet: Week Four

It's slow going, folks.  Progress is small and measured in decimal points.  I lost half a pound this week.

Indeed, this is better than last week when I lost nothing at all.  I managed to increase my activity (thanks for the kick up the pants on that one, Trista!) and it did some good, if only a little.  I wanted much better progress this week and I am frustrated with this s-l-o-w movement on my downward trajectory.

My weekly points allowance was cut back by one point because of the weight loss so I will need to start eating a bit less anyway.

Goals for the week:

  • increase my activity again - better intensity, longer periods of exercise.
  • start eating breakfast again.  While I've stayed within my points allowances and earned some activity points this past week, I quit with the breakfast.  I don't know if that has anything to do with anything but since I'm frustrated, I'm going back to breakfast.  (Tomorrow since I didn't get it today.)
  • more fruit and veg.  I need to make sure I'm getting every serving I should have every single day.  That's not happening as yet.
  • FOCUS.  Never my strong suit.  I need to make sure I focus on what I want and how I'm going to get there so when I want to start eating Easter candy I keep my fat fingers out of it.
Onward and downward (on the scale), I hope!

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