Monday, April 11, 2011

Diet: Week Three


I lost nothing.

Despite the fact that I pulled out last year's shorts because the weather suddenly warmed up and those shorts fit better than they did last year, I am the same weight this week as last.  I was so excited when I put them on.  I could button them easily and I didn't feel like I'd been stuffed into them because I'm too cheap to buy a bigger size.

I feel frustrated.

I'm going to assume that I need to up my game as far as exercise is concerned.  I'm not very good at it nor am I dedicated to it in any way.  I'm going to have to put that aside and find ways to be more active than I am just chasing the kids around.  It's not enough because my body is used to that.

I can only hope that next week is more productive.


  1. Reshaping is not failure! Keep it up!

    If you gain muscle mass and look skinnier but stay the same weight in pounds, it may not be as satisfying but it's still a victory. You can do this. It will just take time for your system to get with the program. :)

  2. You should measure yourself in inches instead of pounds! That's more encouraging :)