Thursday, July 8, 2010

Preschool Lothario

Today we had a playdate.

Jamie was at daycare so we planned to meet up with Liam's preschool teacher Ms. Christa and the girls she's nannying for this summer, one of whom was a preschool classmate of Liam's.  We planned for lunch and then a trip to the Carnegie Museum.

We started the outing at Burger King so the kids could eat lunch.  Liam was terribly excited to see Christa and Megan*, his classmate.  When we pulled into the parking lot and he caught sight of them he could barely contain himself long enough for me to park the car.  He and Megan had a grand time catching up over lunch.

After we ate, we all trooped off to the museum.  We saw lots of pretty rocks in the gem and mineral hall ("That one looks like dog poop!") and had fun seeing the big dinosaurs in the dino room ("I'm not scared of the T-Rex's!").  They spent time digging in the bone quarry and we wandered around the Hall of Mammals.

We strolled into the Polar Exhibit and were meandering through when I spied a bench and had to sit down for a few minutes - my legs were tired from herding the children around.  Megan and Liam sat down and started watching a video that was playing about how the Inuit make ice houses (igloos).  Christa and I were chatting as we all took a bit of a break.  At one point, Christa glanced over at the kids and saw Liam trying to sneak his arm around Megan's shoulders.  He was trying to put the moves on her!  Yup.  That's my kid.  Employing the classic "yawn and stretch" maneuver.  

We asked him what he was doing whereupon he snatched his arm back and turned bright red.

I think I'm going to have to keep my eyes on that kid once he hits school or he's going to be the playa' on the playground.

*name changed

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