Monday, June 6, 2011

Say Goodbye To Kindergarten

Today was Liam's last day of school but there was no schooling going on because today was Kindergarten Carnival day.

In our school, on the last day of Kindergarten we hold a carnival.  It's organized by the parents and everything we use for it, from game supplies to refreshments, is donated by the parents.  It's a chance for the kids to blow off some steam and celebrate the end of a successful year.

And celebrate we did.

All of the kids were given t-shirts with the school name and year on it.  We also got one for the teacher and had all the kids sign it before we gave it to her.

There was a short ceremony where the principal and the teacher handed out certificates of completion to the class and then we all headed outside to enjoy carnival day.

We played with a parachute...

And painted faces (or arms in this case).

They played silly relay games with balls between their knees.

We had story time with a snack (a welcome break in the shade)...

And blew bubbles during free play.

There was an obstacle course (Liam's favorite)...

And bobbing for marshmallows.

By that time we were just about worn out so we packed up all of Liam's stuff and headed out.  I felt like I'd lived 4 days in the space of 3 hours.

So, summer is officially here.  Liam has passed kindergarten and is a first grader come fall.  He'll get to ride the bus in the morning AND the afternoon - a fact he's relishing.  And that incoming class of kindergarteners?  They are tiny.  They look like babies to me.  I am not a single day older than I was when Liam started kindergarten (shush, you!) but he's so much bigger than he used to be.

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