Thursday, August 12, 2010

Again? Really?

Last night at around 8:00, Scot looked out the back door and said "What the hell is THAT?!"

People, another tree came down.  ANOTHER ONE.  I know that much of the Pittsburgh region got slammed with storms last night but we were in the zone of no storms.  Storms to the north.  Storms to the south.  No storms here.  There wasn't a single drop of rain, rumble of thunder, flash of lightning, or gust of wind.

Despite that, we have this "little" problem facing us:

We've known for a few weeks that we have a very large, very dead tree on our back hill, situated directly in front of our treehouse.  The removal of this problem is going to require a tree service which we hadn't gotten around to yet because of the $500 we spent on a new water heater 2 weeks ago.  There's only so much room in the budget, people.

Anyway, a fairly large limb of the dead tree came down and in the process managed to take out some other baby trees.  Here's where the limb came from (look at the tree directly to the right of the tree house and go up - there's broken tree there).

A close up:

So, whether we were ready for it financially, we've got to get the tree service in here to do some damn clean up work.  So much for getting new garage doors this fall.  By the time all is said and done we will have managed to blow about 2/3 of the money required for that on unexpected home repairs.  I'd really rather go to Hawaii.


Not Hawaii.  I'd have to wear a bathing suit.  But vacation?  YES, PLEASE.

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