Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mr. Inventive

Watching Jamie learn about the world around him is such a joy.  He's inquisitive and inventive in the way that he plays and it always ends up teaching him something new.  For example, he recently learned that his musical play table is just as much fun upside down as right side up:

He did that all by himself, by the way.  He decided the top was boring, flipped it over, sat inside it, and proceeded to tip around in it like it was the Tilt-A-Whirl.  Even better, he didn't turn the table off before flipping it so we were getting random snippets of music as he tilted.

Also, like every toddler, he's imitative in his playing.  I've mentioned before that Maggie the Wonder Beags has a problem not using the house as her personal urine receptacle.  I clean up a lot of dog pee.  So, my Bissel Little Green Clean Machine tends to spend more time out of the cleaning closet than in it.  Jamie has watched me clean up pee so many times that he is now doing this:

His only frustration is that I unplug it and it won't turn on when he flips the switch.  Not that he doesn't attempt to plug it in.  Anything that has a plug on it (steam cleaner, space heater, hand mixers) that he can get his hands on, he will drag it to an outlet and try to figure out how to get those damn prongs in the wall.  It's a constant game of "No, Jamie!"  My favorite.  He's positively bursting with the need to figure things out - you can practically hear his brain getting bigger.

Oh, and, just for fun - this is what he does these days when he realizes someone pointed a camera at him:

Total ham, that one.  Quite the contrast from Liam, who currently runs away from the camera or shows me his butt.

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