Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet Me In Laboratory

Every state has its own list of cleverly named towns and cities.  PA has such gems as "Intercourse" and "Bird In Hand."  Well, on our way down to Deep Creek for Memorial Day weekend, I ran across another one.


I keep wanting to say it like Peter Lorre - "La-BORE-uh-torrie."  It makes me want to hunch my back and walk with a pronounced limp.

Join me, friends!  In Laboratory! [hunch, limp, limp, limp]


  1. Oh dear, you have invoked my inner Mel Brooks.

    Igor: I heard the strangest music from the upstairs kitchen and I just... followed it down. Call it... a hunch. Ba-dum chi.

  2. Come friends! Walk this way! [hunch, limp, limp]
    *look at each other. shrug*

    [hunch, limp, limp]