Saturday, June 12, 2010

Giggle. Snort.

So, a long time ago in a galaxy near, near to my house and in the early days of this blog, I put up this post about the Star Wars themed bears we bought the kids for Christmas.  If you go read the post, please note the title.*

I am now getting hits to that particular post from AROUND THE WORLD.  They are almost all being directed here from a google search.  I begin to wonder what those search terms might be.  Well, I don't really wonder; I'm pretty sure I know since my mind does, after all, reside in the sewer.

I've gotten hits from Spain, Russia, Norway, and France.  And the only page those people have viewed is that particular post.  Now, if they're searching for what I think they're searching for, can you imagine their frustration and dismay when they click the link and find that they've hit some random chick's post about TEDDY BEARS?!  Picturing it is making me giggle insanely!

France:  "Zoot a lors!  MERDE."

Spain:  "Ay yi yi!  CACA."

Norway: "DRITT."

Russia: "дерьмо."  (According to google translate that is Russian for "shit.")

Well, all I can say is I hope they enjoyed their detour into Two Kids and a Beagle but they really should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

*I finally got tired of getting these random hits (Singapore, India, Lithuania, Brazil...) so I changed the title of the post.  We'll see if that helps.


  1. I'm certain some of them are 'CACA'... then giggling uncontrollably. After all, that bear DOES look pretty funny. ;)

  2. But it sure wasn't the Slave Leia with a ball gag they were looking for, now was it? :P

  3. From the Alpha Geek:
    Is that an ewok? No, that's a different Star Wars character. It's kinda cute, someone got really creative. I approve.

    From the Beta Geek:

  4. Hee hee. When I had a blog I got bunches of hits from Korea on a post about shopping at Nordstrom... just because I mentioned purchasing nursing bras. I made the blog private after that.