Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Good To Have A Plan, Son.

A few months ago Liam informed us that when he turned 10 he would be an adult and since adults don't live with their parents, he would be moving into his own apartment. We told him that if that's the case, he can go for it. ;)

Over time the plan has evolved. He decided that when he gets his own apartment at age 10 he will also get a cat for a pet. I am severely allergic to cats and we can't own one so he wants one when he has his own place.

But he wants us to pay for it.

We told him that if he can move out on his own he can pay for his own pet.

He insists that we will be purchasing the pet for him. He seems to think that we'll take care of everything.

A few days ago this plan came up in conversation again and this time, when informed that we would not be paying for his pet or his apartment he announced that he would be moving in with Oma and Puppa when he turns 10. (Oma and Puppa are my parents.)

Why, you ask? I certainly did.

"I was planning on that anyway, Mommy," that's why.

It's good to have goals, sweetie. I'll make sure Oma and Puppa take delivery on your 10th birthday.

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