Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally. Life Returns to Normal.

Life is slowly returning to normal and I could not be happier about that fact. If I had to live one more day with my routines all out of whack I was, quite possibly, going to do something rash and destructive.

As of Monday Scot went back to work and Mean Mommy® reemerged. Liam didn’t like that so much but I was tired of his behavior being obnoxious because it was Christmas. After one tantrum, an attempt to hit me, and then being dumped in his room he began to realize that I meant business. Things have been getting better since then. He’s still whiny every. single. time. I ask him to get dressed or, GOD FORBID, I ask him to wait 20 minutes to eat a meal. Those two occurrences generally make him whine so much I want to flush him down the toilet.

I’m doing my best to return the house to some semblance of clean. I took the tree down yesterday and put away all the decorations around the house. Today I had the lovely task of trying to find a way to deal with the influx of Christmas toys. So, I got to haul out the bins of stored toys, rotate toys into and out of them, and try to get the mass chaos down to a dull roar. Now, instead of it looking like a toy factory blew up in the living room, it merely looks as though the toy factory had a minor bout with the barfs.

Jamie is Jamie. He’s teething (still!) and screechy and cranky. As well as chubby and giggly and cute. It just depends which second of the day it is. I started the process of weaning him today and I have discovered that pumping really sucks. Luckily the whole thing is finite and at the end of it I will be FREE! [cue “I’m Free” from Tommy by The Who]. So far things are going well. When I put him to bed tonight he drank a full 8 ounce bottle and passed out like frat boy during pledge week.

So, life returns to normal, slowly but surely, and I’m glad to be back to routine.

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