Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loose Ends

I find myself twiddling my thumbs a bit today.

Today, both of the kids are at school and Scot is at work and I am home alone for 8 hours for the first time since Jamie was born.  (I think.  It's possible I'm lying about that but my memory isn't what it used to be.)  I decided that I was going to enjoy this first day of relative freedom and take it easy a bit.  After I got the kids off to school, I did the grocery shopping.


Once I came home and unloaded everything, I sat down and made a list of chores to tackle today.  It wasn't very long but it was also a list that I would have had trouble finishing a week ago when the kids were home all day.  I didn't think anything of it, I just figured it was a decent list to tackle.

It was done by 1:15.

I didn't rush.  I didn't run around like a crazy person cleaning my house.  I had a leisurely lunch.  I played around on Facebook and Twitter.  I even watched ridiculous middle-of-the-day television.  (By the way, there is NOTHING on TV in the middle of the day!)  Still, I managed to complete that list of tasks two hours before Liam is due home from school.

It seems I am a little out of practice with this thing called "free time."  I'm sure I'll get back into the groove with it soon.  But for now I'm at loose ends.

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  1. I kind of know where you're coming from, although probably not to the same degree. Whenever I take a day off work for some "me" time (which isn't that often, to be fair), I tend to wind up more bored than anything. And you're right, mid-day TV sucks. I've just never been able to get in to soaps!