Saturday, May 22, 2010

Make That Bike, Not Trike

Summer is upon us and thus it is the season of bike riding. Liam has a tricycle and helmet that he's had some interest in over the last couple of years but it's never really been a big thing. However, this spring, it was painfully obvious that the tricycle is officially too small.

Well, we finally remedied that problem.

We bought him a two-wheeler with training wheels and a new helmet because he outgrew the other one. Which, as an aside, holy crap! I knew the kid had a big head (oh BOY do I know) but we bought him the 5+ size when he was three and we just purchased the 8+ size - he is five. I constantly wonder how he fits that melon through the neck of his shirts.

Without further ado - his first time on the new bike:

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