Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weird Things People Say

Having kids opens you up to all kinds of crazy comment and suggestions. I could make a whole blog out of the weird things people have said to me about my kids or the completely ludicrous parenting suggestions that people have made. It's like your life suddenly becomes public property and people feel the need to share. Over share, really.

As a result, I'm used to getting comments about my kids when I'm out and about with them. They're both pretty cute kids with l-o-n-g eyelashes that every girl would kill for. I regularly get comments about how adorable they are and it happens especially often with Jamie because he's at that cute pudgy baby stage and he happens to have a full head of bright red hair. We also have a large senior population in our area (us youngins are far outnumbered) and they all love to dote on the kids they come across.

Once, when Liam was a baby, I was at the mall and sitting in the food court with him while I shoveled down some lunch. An elderly gentleman approached me and told me how cute my baby was and then proceeded to tell me that I better take care of him and raise him up right because God would punish me if I didn't. He also stated that he knows about caring for kids because he gives money to St. Jude's so I just better take care of that baby.


It was, by far, the strangest encounter I ever had while Liam was a baby. Weirdly enough, 4 years later I ran into the same dude while shopping at the local grocery store. Luckily I didn't get the same speech! Although he did tell me to take care of that baby (Jamie this time).

The strangest comment I've gotten regarding Jamie happened just a week or so ago. I was in Walgreens and I had him in the stroller. I was walking down an aisle and had to walk past the little in-store clinic and the nurse practitioner there stopped me and exclaimed how cute Jamie was.

"Oh my goodness! He is so cute! He's so cute he doesn't even look real!"

Um, thank you?

Sometimes I don't even know how to respond.


  1. I knew it-you and Scot are really creating androids, not babies!

  2. Ha! I had a t-shirt for Liam that said "I am a Cylon love child." :P

  3. NO, I take that back, it says "I might be a Cylon love child."