Thursday, September 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes On Life In Our Nuthouse

1. Scot finally seems to be on the mend.  He worked half-days all last week and he's back to work full time this week.  The antibiotic they put him on in the ER seems to have turned the tide.  Thank Christ for that.  He's still not up to full strength but he's getting there and life appears to be returning to normal on that front.

2. Jamie loves preschool so much he hates leaving preschool.  He just cannot get used to the idea that he's only there for half a day and he constantly tells me he doesn't want to go home. Yesterday when I picked him up, he said he didn't like preschool - right after he finished telling me how much fun he had. I asked if that was because he had to leave and he said "yeah."  Poop.

However, the same facility that our preschool is in runs a drop in daycare. So we're going to investigate letting him stay all day at 'school' one day a week. The daycare portion is inexpensive as these things go so we can swing it once a week. When I told Jamie I would look into it he perked right up. We'll see how it all works out. I have to find out what kind of availability they have and that sort of thing.

3. Second grade with Liam is Serious Business.  Tests, tests, and more tests! Pretests! Reading tests! Spelling tests! Math tests! It goes on and on and on. The amount of homework has ramped up again (I expected it would) to the point that we're now tackling as much of it on the weekend as we can.  On top of that, two days ago he came home with multiplication homework.  Multiplication! I didn't start learning that until the 3rd or 4th grade and certainly not in the first month of it!  Holy crap!  I'm pretty sure second grade is stressing me out more than it's stressing him out.

4. Pumpkin update! So, it turns out that we got two pumpkins from our plant this year.  The second one is still ripening and it's much smaller than the first but we got it! I think I figured out that I planted it in too small a space so it couldn't root itself properly when setting fruit.  Next year (I'm hoping to try this again) I'll plant it in a larger space and hope for a bit more in the way of a harvest.

5.  The new schedule is still killing me a little bit.  With Jamie out of the house for only 2.5 hour chunks 3 days a week, I feel like I'm running a marathon every day that he's in school. I drop him off, try to go for my 3 mile walk, come home & cool off, then jump into chores until pick up time. It's crazy. I can't seem to fit it all in!

And yes, I have made some changes on the health and wellness front. I'm back to exercising as regularly as I can. I got way off track this week due to The Crisis of The Week (which I will talk more about in a separate post at a later date) but I haven't forgotten my promise to myself so I'm hoping I don't get completely off track. Thinking about exercising counts, right? (ha! I wish.) I've also tried to be better about my food choices and journal my food intake. That one is a bit of a roller coaster. Some days are really good, some days are really bad, and others are just so-so.

6.  This house needs a major purge of STUFF. We have too much STUFF and it's driving me utterly batshit.

7.  Squirrel!

P.S. When I did a google image search to find a funny squirrel picture, I discovered that 'squirrels with guns' is a thing. Image search THAT if you dare!

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