Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Swim

Liam finished up swim lessons for the summer at the end of last week.  While he didn't manage to graduate out of the level he's in (and that's OK, he's just not there yet) he did get a lot more comfortable in the water.

On the last day of classes, they got to do the fun stuff like ride the water slides and jump off the diving board.  These are activities that Liam has been exceedingly wary of doing on his own - even with the lifeguards there to catch him.  I invariably had to ride the slides with him (which, while fun, is impossible if I have Jamie in tow and no other adults to help) so I was really hoping he would master this one thing.

He didn't let me down.

That big slide is the one he FINALLY went down on his own.

No hesitation - all by himself!

Leaping Liam!

We'll work with him at the pool the rest of the summer and then he'll repeat the level next summer.  I'm just glad he loves the water and isn't so afraid of it anymore.

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