Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Not So Fabulous Week

This would be the part where I would like to crawl under a rock and not talk about this but I feel like I need to put myself out there.  I don't know why but I'm just going to go with it.

So.  Weigh-in this week was not so amazing as the last two.  I lost a little bit - 0.2 lbs - but only a very little bit.  I knew my body was going to have to slow down its breakneck pace at some point but I was so hoping to drop just 1 pound this week.  If I had, I would have made my 5% goal.  Even more frustrating is that my scale at home weighed me 0.5 lbs less than what the scale at Weight Watchers did.  Sometimes my scale matches theirs and sometimes it doesn't.  It's entirely unfair.

I think maybe I'm slipping a little bit.  I'm not being as hard nosed with myself about what I eat and what I track.  I'm still pretty diligent but I need to be REALLY diligent.  I'm not there; there is room for improvement.

Also, I just don't exercise.  I hate to do it and I would much rather sit down after the kids are asleep than get up and go walking.  Thus far, I have given into that impulse.  This being the case, my big goal for this week is to walk at least three times.  If I can do it more than that, so much the better.  I have a route mapped.  I have an iPod full of tunes.  I just need to do it.  Interent, please bug me until I do.

However, there were a couple of bright spots in the week.  The first: I am in smaller clothes.  My shorts are all smaller now and stuff that was just barely acceptable now looks very nice on me.  The second: I was able to wear my mothers ring today for the first time in many, many months.  It's meant to be worn with my wedding set, on the other side of my engagement ring from the wedding band.  I love how it looks when it's all together but all three at once is a squeeze my fat fingers weren't tolerating.  Today I was able to slip it on in the morning with ease and wear it all day.

Despite this not being my best week, I'm trying to push the reset button and refocus myself on what I need to be doing.  Tomorrow is a fresh day with a fresh chance to do my very best.


  1. Don't have one.

    But, I started walking or swimming laps at the pool. I lost a half a pound this week which I will take over a giant nothing. I just need to keep it up.