Monday, December 6, 2010

Phipps Does It Again

The loyal readers of this blog (all three of you) know that we love to go to Phipps Conservatory.  On Sunday we were casting about trying to find something to do with the kids and we decided to head to Phipps since we hadn't seen the Christmas stuff yet.

Now, as usual, the place was gorgeously done up for the holidays but I am now convinced that there is someone working there - someone who plans out these displays - who has a sick sense of humor.  And I love it.

In the Serpentine Room, they had some snowman vignettes.  And they were . . . interesting.

Let us look at this closely.  Scarves on the bench?  Check.  Sticks for arms leaning against the bench?  Check.  Top hats and carrots?  In the steaming water.  Implication?  Frosty and his two snowy besties tried to climb in the hot tub with disastrous results.  When it dawned on me exactly what this little tableau was implying, I burst out laughing and immediately took a picture.

Same room, different tragedy.  Skis and poles akimbo.  Snowball head (complete with top hat and carrot) separated from the snowball body.  In this scenario we see that Frosty pulled a Sonny Bono and bit it on the ski slope.

It was just macabre.  Delightfully so.  :)  They were the Snowmen of Tragedy.

Oooh.  Good band name, that.


  1. "Poles Akimbo" is a good band name too. :-)

  2. They can be the opening act for Snowmen of Tragedy.

  3. I heard Top Hat And Carrots does some really good big band covers...