Friday, September 3, 2010

Applying What He Learns

A couple of nights ago there was a "Let's Get Acquainted" night at Liam's school.  As a "parents only" night, we got to talk with the teacher about the cirriculum and expectations for the year.  I love Liam's kindergarten teacher.  She is obviously in love with teaching kids this age and she's been doing it a long time.  She knows her stuff.

When she was discussing the math section, she said that one of the things they start with is sorting and patterning.  These two concepts are essential to later success in math so they make sure the kids can really master them.  They start by sorting blocks by color or shape.  And then they build patterns - a tower that is alternating colors instead of all one color, for example.

Well, this is certainly something Liam has been doing for a long time.  I once watched Liam have a tantrum over the fact that Puppa (my father) was using his red blocks and he wanted to use them all in what he was building.  So, it's certainly no shock to me that he understands the concept.

The morning after the meeting at the school I was at home with Liam and he was playing with his K'nex.  Suddenly, with no prompting from me or even any knowledge of what I had learned at school the previous night, he decided he was going to sort his blocks out.  So he did.  He sorted them by color and shape.  He said he was going to do that before he started building.

Sir Sorts-A-Lot came up with this:

I knew he was going to love school.  I knew that he would excel.  But it's always nice to get a little confirmation that he's listening.

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