Tuesday, December 8, 2009


1. Liam is officially obsessed with Christmas. I put the tree up on Sunday afternoon and got the lights on it but then ran out of energy and didn't feel like pulling all the decorations out. Well, I got to spend the next 24 hours hearing "when are we going to decorate the tree?" from Liam. Non. Stop. When I finally did pull out the ornaments last night he was practically crawling up my nostrils waiting for me to get the next ornament out of its box. I'm glad he's excited, but dang, tone it down kid!

2. I am a redhead and have been all my life. Jamie is also a redhead - he has the exact same color hair that I had as a baby. Admittedly, my hair has darkened over the years - especially since I've kept it short. But I am still undeniably a redhead - or at least I think so. The public is starting to make me doubt myself.

I get comments everywhere I go about my kid's red hair and isn't he cute and oh what an adorable baby he is! I don't deny that. But at least 50% of the time these same people look at me and say "So where did he get the red hair?" ARE YOU BLIND? I'm obviously his mother. I have red hair. WHERE DO YOU THINK HE GOT IT? ARGH!

This morning I was in the grocery store and two women approached and started cooing over Jamie and his hair. Then one turns to me and says "Daddy must have red hair." I said, "No, Mommy has red hair." I was completely fed up. She gave me this look that was a mixture of utter disbelief and "damn, you're a bitch!" Suck it, lady. If you can't use your eyes, it isn't my fault.

3. It's a sad testament to what our lives are that Liam enlightened me with the following little gems today. First, he saw a UPS truck drive by and he said "THE DELIVERY TRUCK! UPS! Look, Mommy, it went that way!"

Gee. Do you think we order enough crap online?

Second, we passed a small strip mall and Liam suddenly realized that all the store were connected. And then he exclaimed "Just like Starbucks that we go to! I love Starbucks!"

Oh yes. We start them young at our house. [facepalm]

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