Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Preparation

Christmas is consuming me.

My sister is coming in for a quick visit and is arriving late tomorrow night. We have plans for Saturday during the day and on Saturday evening we're leaving the kids with my sister and going to Scot's company Christmas party. Which just happens to be dinner at the CEO's house. Oof-dah.

In preparation for all of this I'm trying to tame the clutter, banish the dust, and suck up the beagle fur so that our house is somewhat presentable. Did I mention that I also need to bake cookies, wrap gifts, and attend the pre-school Christmas show?

Needless to say I'm finding it hard to find time to sit down and relax. Or write a blog post. Or pee.

I'm really looking forward to the visit with my sister and her family. I haven't seen them in over a year so I'm hoping we have a good time. They haven't met Jamie yet and I'm excited for them to see him in all his chubby glory. Liam hasn't seen his cousins in a long time, too, and I know that he's going to have a blast running around with them.

Once we get through the weekend I'm hoping things will get a little bit easier. Scot is taking some time off of work and he'll be home to help wrangle the kids which will free me up to finish things like baking and wrapping. If I can get to Christmas day with my sanity intact and the chores complete I'll be ecstatic. I'm just looking forward to enjoying Christmas morning with the kids.

I'm hoping to keep posting and get to it a bit more often but work around the house is really taking most of my time and by the time I sit down at night my brain is incapable of stringing thoughts together.

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