Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Week With Cousin Becca

Last week our niece came to stay with Grandma and Granddad for a whole week and my kids got to play with their cousin almost every day. All the kids loved it and we met up to do some fun things while Becca was here (the last of which being Kennywood).

One morning we headed to the playground for some climbing, sliding, running, and swinging.

Another day we headed to Soergel's orchard.  I had no idea this was an attraction for the under 10 set but it is. Playgrounds and farm animals!

Waiting for Grandma and Becca

Driving the tractor.

You're taking our picture? 
Locked in jail!

The kids had a fantastic time hanging out with each other. Next summer should be even better as Jamie will be older (and hopefully napless) so we can do more things with less tantrums.  This year, Jamie went three days without a nap and it almost killed him (and us).

So, now we're on the home stretch before school starts.  We have two full weeks plus a couple of days and then it's time to put Liam on the bus for second grade.

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  1. Every picture I see he Jamie looks more and more like Prince Harry, who I thought was an adorable child.

    I didn't know Scot had siblings. Your niece is beautiful.