Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red Belt Earned

Yesterday Liam tested for his red belt.  Being a red belt means new things for Liam in Tae Kwon-Do.  It means that he'll move out of the class he was in and up into the more advanced class for red belts and black belts.  It also means that from here on out he must break boards at each test (something he's very much looking forward to). Last, it means that he's on his last color belt before black.

As always, video of his pattern:

I also got at least one decent sparring photo:

Liam, center right

Now that he's a red belt he's on the last major leg of the road to black belt.  He must earn 3 black stripes on his red belt and for each stripe he must perform 3 of the the patterns he's previously learned (1st stripe, 1st three patterns, and so on).  Once he's completed that he must be a triple black stripe for 6 months before he will be eligible to test for black.  Our dojang runs black belt testing twice a year in April and October.  Given the timing of things it looks like he'll be testing for black sometime in April of 2013 as long as everything keeps going well.

We're very proud of how hard he's worked and how much dedication he's had. 


  1. Way to go, Liam! That's so great! Zach did TKD as a kid, and we definitely want Alex to try it.

  2. He is just BLAZING through levels. Go Liam!