Tuesday, February 8, 2011


1.  I have to apologize for the lack of blog posting.  There are lots of reasons but mostly it has to do with illness and the horrible depths of winter.  It seems like we manage to get over one nasty virus only to catch another one.  It's getting tiresome to say the least.

2.  Last week Jamie decided to pop with another mystery virus complete with mystery fever.  After 3 days of trying to figure out his problem with no luck, we took him to the doctor.  Double ear infection.  I think he's getting close to needing ear tubes.  This is the second infection he's had in 6 weeks and it's certainly not his first time on the ear infection merry-go-round.  We'll have to talk with the pediatrician at his checkup but if this keeps going?  Tube city.

3.  In related news, Augmentin sucks.  It may kill the infection but it also makes for diapers that I really don't want to spend the time describing.  Those nasty diapers, in turn, gave Jamie a case of diaper rash like you wouldn't believe.  His whole butt was cherry red and he was hopping mad as a result.  I decided enough was enough, called the pediatrician, and asked that Jamie be put on a different medication.  He is a much happier camper now.

4.  In dealing with Mr. Shedding Virus, I seem to have caught his cold.  It was inevitable, I suppose, since he was coughing on me and I was short on sleep.  I've had worse but this one is sticking around and driving me nuts.  I'd really like to see the back side of it sooner rather than later.

5.  Phil the Groundhog failed to see his shadow last week.  If his prediction holds true and we get an early spring, I will travel on over to Punxsutawny and plant a big fat kiss on Phil's lips.  On the other hand, if he fails me and this winter hangs on until April, his caretakers are going to want to put him in some kind of anonymous protection program because I will hunt his furry ass down.  I'm sure my father would loan me his varmint rifle.

6.  I want a new camera so badly I can taste it.  Our point-and-shoot is really beginning to piss me off and the pictures I have from Liam's birthday are so crappy as to exacerbate my ire.  However, we have more important things to be spending our money on so I will go on dreaming.

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