Monday, February 14, 2011

A Family Portrait

Liam came home from school last week with a note in his backpack about a project his class was participating in.  This project required that each child send in a picture of their family.  I knew that this could pose a problem.

The problem is that I'm usually the one behind the camera so I'm almost never in photos.  Scot avoids being in pictures like they are a form of torture.  So, most of our pictures are of the kids.  I started digging around in my photo archives looking for something of the four of us together.

I found two.  That's it.  TWO.  One was from when Jamie was just 3 months old.  Liam was FOUR.  A two year old picture was not going to cut it.  The other was from Liam's preschool graduation.  He was 5.  When Liam heard that this was the best I had, he was unimpressed.  He wanted something from when he was six - understandable given that he just passed that birthday.

So, we made an effort to get a photo.  And, we got lucky - in two clicks of the camera we got this:

Of course, Jamie isn't looking at the camera but this is no surprise whatsoever.  I didn't imagine that would be possible to get a decent picture of all four of us easily.  Since he's not actively screaming as though tortured, I figured it was the closest we were going to get and sent it on in.

Because I can, more pictures:

Look Ma!  No snot!


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