Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Design Dilemma

Jamie is creeping up on his second birthday and that means it's time to start thinking about when we'll be moving him out of the crib and into a regular bed.  Liam made the transition shortly after turning two and while I won't be rushing Jamie through the process, I anticipate that he will be wanting to make the move within the next 6 months.

This leaves me with a dilemma.

When Liam made the switchover, we chose a decorating scheme for his room.  I did a lot of looking around and ended up deciding to go with a dinosaur theme.  At the time, he really liked dinos (and still does) and I thought the scheme would get us through until he was 8 or 9 years old.

And then he became Star Wars obsessed.  Then, Pottery Barn Kids started selling gorgeous Star Wars bedding.  I have been lusting over this stuff for Liam since it came out two or more years ago.  But, we spent money on good bedding when he turned two and I couldn't justify more expense.

So, Liam's current room has this bedding:

The picture was taken when we first moved in.  His room is no longer even remotely that clean, he has a dust ruffle on the bed, he doesn't have the bed rail anymore, and the stool isn't necessary either.  But, you can get an idea of how the bedding looks.  His walls are a lovely yellow - not to0 bright, not too boring.  It goes well with the earth tones of his bedding.  We got lucky and it was that color when we moved in.

We have these murals on his walls:

Now, bear with me here, Jamie's room is a celery green.  We painted it when we first moved in and before I got pregnant knowing that it would eventually be a nursery and we wanted a gender neutral scheme.  The color goes with his crib bedding.  Jamie also has murals.  Regardless of where we go with his room, we will probably need to repaint and redecorate.

With all of that long back story, my options are as follows:

1) Give Liam's current bedding to Jamie.  Repaint Jamie's room.  Decide whether to paint murals later (since that's really my mother-in-law that does all that).  Then, get Liam the Star Wars bedding I so adore (and know he would love), thus requiring a repaint of his room as well.

2) Leave Liam's room alone.  Choose a scheme for Jamie like we did for Liam and repaint and redecorate his room according to whatever new scheme we choose for him.

I see drawbacks to both options.  The drawbacks to option #1 are the cost and the fact that I don't want Jamie to feel like he got his brother's old stuff instead of getting things of his own.  The drawback to option #2 is that I worry that in a few years I'll be stuck in the same situation I am now.  I chose something for Liam before he was old enough to have a real idea of what he would want.  Now, it's obvious what he would love and that's left me feeling like I did the wrong thing.  I don't want to make the same mistake for Jamie.

So, I am torn.  Do I spend the money and redo?  Do I leave it alone?  What?  No matter what we do, we have to get bedding for Jamie.  We don't move to a toddler bed before we move to a twin.  We go straight to a twin bed without a frame and using a bed rail.  I don't have the bedding to do that as of now.  We are going to have to purchase a mattress and box spring for him, too.

Anyone have any thoughts?  I'm at a loss.

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