Saturday, October 2, 2010

18 Months and Full of Cute

Today we had a photo shoot.

Our friend Jennifer, who is an amazing amateur photographer, met us at Phipps to shoot some pictures of Jamie.  We're a month late on this but we're late on everything these days it seems so such is life.  Jamie was a bit fractious as it was late afternoon and he had taken what is known around here as a "shit nap."  Combine that with endless teething and the kid was not at his best.  But Jennifer is a whiz and we got some really great shots and some even more hilarious outtakes.

Before we get started, here's Jamie as a newborn:

Somehow, that red headed burrito has become this dapper dude:

(I really ought to send this to Janie and Jack for an ad...)

There he goes, tongue between his lips...

 Mom, why are you making monkey faces at me?

(here's another ad...)

Smile?  AGAIN?  How's this?

I just love this photo.  It captures him so well.  This is how I see Jamie.

Me and the boy

The lighting in this is just perfect - that is exactly the color of his hair and skin.

Last, but not least, here is the photo that we ultimately chose as the official portrait:

So that's our chubby little man 18 months on.  He brings us crankiness, babble, messes, endless eating, and - most of all - joy.

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