Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Promised Good News

Scot has a new job.

As you know, he's been working a contract position since late April.  His boss there has been happy with his work and the contract had been extended into September which was good news when we got it.  But all through his time at the contract job, Scot was continuing to apply for full time, permanent work.

A couple of weeks ago he had a phone interview for a position.  They liked him so he went in for an interview last Tuesday.  By Friday he had an offer.  Yesterday we did a little bit of horse trading with them and then Scot officially accepted the offer.  He starts the new job August 1, 2012.

The commute is something of a hike but his commute now is also a hike (the new job is just in the other direction).  We're going to be pulling Jamie out of the daycare setting and putting him into half-day traditional preschool three days a week in September.  This is a huge money saver for us.  We'll probably do one or two other things to help cut costs and in the end, I think it's all going to work out.

There is not a sigh of relief large enough for all this.  I'll let Stephen Colbert express my feelings.

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  1. What Stephen Colbert said. You'd look cuter than he in a tiara, though.