Sunday, June 10, 2012

School's Out For Summer

Thursday was Liam's last day of school for the year. First grade is complete and he got fantastic grades.  In the fall, he'll be a full fledged second grader.

He's excited to be on summer break, to not have to get up for school, and to play with his friends.  He tends to express this by waking at 6:30 every morning despite the fact that I had to wake him at 7:15 on school mornings.  The contrariness is strong in this one.

We kicked off his first day of summer vacation by having my parents arrive for a weekend visit.  This was a complete surprise to the kids and one I worked hard to conceal.  It meant cleaning the house from top to bottom without it looking like I was cleaning for guests.  I did this by rewriting my cleaning rota over a month ago and tackling the house a little at a time over the last few weeks. (I needed to do this regardless of having guests for a visit but they were a convenient kick in the behind.) Luckily, when I was dusting on Friday and Liam exclaimed "YOU'RE DUSTING?!" I was able to send him to look at the day's tasks on the rota to find that it was the job I was supposed to be doing. Thus, he wasn't suspicious of guests possibly arriving.

They were both totally surprised and really excited to see their Oma and Puppa and spend the weekend with them.  My Mom and Dad were able to attend Liam's belt test with me (more on that later) and really enjoyed watching him do his TKD thing.  It was a great visit over all.

Plans for the summer include a day camp with his Granddad at their church for Liam, swim lessons, and a trip to Michigan to visit my parents.  My summer goals (aside from keeping up with house and yard work) is to put down the dang cleaning rag and GO HAVE FUN. Trips to the pool, fun at museums, going to the library, picnics in the park - what ever we can think to do.  I did this last summer it was a great decision so I'm going to try to keep it going this year.

So, here's to summer - may we not just survive it, may we enjoy it thoroughly!

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