Thursday, October 13, 2011

Starting Over

I'm stalled out on this weight loss thing.  I lost about 15 pounds and then just parked it there.  I'd go up, I'd go down, I'd inch a little bit further down and then it all went straight to hell.

I've had a bad few weeks with Weight Watchers.  Much of it is my own fault.  I've gone for weigh-in but not stayed for meeting or just skipped altogether.  I haven't been following the program as diligently as I should - I haven't been putting me first enough to do it.  I spend my down time on my ass instead of getting a little exercise first.

As far as the food goes?  Oh dear.  It's not good.  My stress level has been high for a number of reasons and I find myself eating all kinds of thing I shouldn't.  Donuts keep appearing in my house.  No, I'm not buying them but they sneak in and I have a very hard time saying no - especially at the end of a long, stressful day when all I want to do is eat carbs until I pop.  Yummy, delicious carbs.

In short, I'm slacking.

So, I went to weigh-in this last night and I stayed for meeting.  I gained 2 pounds but that was actually a victory because I expected it to be at least three.  Meeting helped me to recenter myself about what I need to be doing and I realized that I'm putting everything else ahead of this one thing I'm trying to do for myself.  It's just as important as doing the dishes or cleaning up the toys or supervising homework.

With that in mind, I started today with a new attitude, a new outlook, and a determination to be stronger than my cravings.

Today was a good day.

I tracked every single thing I ate.  I even had lunch with a friend and the food was point-heavy but delicious.  I took that into account and ate a much lighter dinner.  Also, because Thursdays are one of my days without kids, I took a 2.42 mile walk after I got home from lunch.  The weather was perfect and I couldn't resist getting out in it.  I pushed myself farther than I normally do and it felt great.

Between exercise and careful points management, I ate my exact daily points target today without touching my extra weekly points (which I'll probably dip into while watching a bit of TV).  I got all my fruits and vegetables in as well all my dairy and all my water.  I ate a very balanced diet today.

I'm starting over and it feels good.

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  1. An plague of insidious doughnuts is one of the signs of the impending apocalypse.